Mon 29 Jun 2020 13:30

The Club proudly shows off the Sport England cheque which cemented the Clubs presence on the Common.

It was end of the 90’s, a new millennium was around the corner and MRFC had finally made it up onto the Common. The local press was there to mark the event for all of time and the cheque was received by Richard Nocton on behalf of the Club.

The strategy that the committee at that time had decided would be the most effective to achieve the end goal was if Richard (Nocton) and Andy Ross would devote their energies into organising the main fund raising efforts and securing the much needed grant. The remainder of the committee concentrated on keeping the Club running as well as helping out physically as and when it was required to get those much-needed funds. It obviously worked well as the Clubhouse is still here, it has gone through a few development changes and is currently having another slight renovation to improve the facilities. MRFC is certainly a work in progress and probably always will be and will always need the support of the players, members, and the committee to see it continue through the ages. Who knows where MRFC’s journey will continue onto but it is certainly going to be exciting?

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