The Common Values

 Welcome | Inspire | Excel

Marlborough Rugby welcomes everybody.  Whether you come to play for us or against us, whether you are here to volunteer, support or simply use our facilities, you are welcome in our home.  We treat everyone equally but as individuals, we have zero tolerance of discrimination, and we value all contributions. We want all to be enthused to visit and enthused for when they next return.

At Marlborough Rugby we seek to inspire all and do it in a way that creates a self-fulfilling virtuous circle:

By their performances and actions, both on and off the pitch, our senior players will inspire our junior members and instil in them a love of the game, while the juniors’ enthusiasm and support will act as an inspiration for our seniors to perform to an even higher standard.

Our coaches will inspire a passion for rugby in all our players who, with their commitment to improve will inspire our coaches to enhance their knowledge and understanding and to seek innovation in delivering their positive message.

Performances on the pitch will inspire those who volunteer off it to continue to provide the conditions for success thus inspiring our players to ensure that the selfless efforts of all our volunteers are rewarded and appreciated.

Finally, as a club, we are inspired by our community, by those who put more in than they take out for the benefit of all.  We want to be a home to that community and, by our own actions and behaviours, inspire others to step forward and do whatever they can.

And the purpose of this inspiration is to excel.  Marlborough Rugby has a commitment to excellence, and we want all our members to be the best that they can be.  This excellence will manifest itself across the club, from our players constantly reaching for the highest individual and team standards in a game, to ensuring that we are the best possible hosts to opposition teams and supporters.  Everyone can excel whether they are making a tackle or serving a pint. Ultimately, we want everyone to be involved for the enjoyment that rugby brings and it’s a lot easier to generate that enjoyment when you are at the top of your game across all aspects of the organisation.  For this reason, as one club, we will always seek to excel.