To truly understand the meaning behind our Rugby 7s Team Compeed Marlborough Nomads 7s, we have to work back in time to when the game was first founded.
Marlborough RFC was originally represented in the rugby world as early as 1867 and were named the Marlborough Nomads.The Nomads originated at the local Public School, and the Club became a founding member of the newly formed English Rugby Union in 1871.
‘The name Nomads came from the fact that they had no actual base and played most of their games in London at Richmond RFC.’
More than 140 years later the 15's team continue to play rugby at Level 6 (one below national 3), with ambitions of moving up through the leagues, through the generous support of Compeed owner and club president David Wright.

Turning Point

2018, was a turning point for the club and they had ambitions of putting Marlborough RFC on the map once again, but this time playing Rugby 7s. Headed up at the time by Moree Nailago, a club legend and Fiji superstar they saw great success in tournaments they entered across the U.K. During this time Moree was in conversations with James Davies about coming on board to help and uniting a rugby relationship that has spanned over the last 13 years.
However with other commitments at the time as Head coach for Nomads 7s, working under Mike Crump (Owner and Director of Rugby) he was unable to help support the programme.

2019 - A New Era

After further conversations between Moree Nailago, Will Grant (Long standing Marlborough RFC player), David Pittams (Marlborough RFC Manager) and James Davies, this led to creating a joined up approach, merging Mike Crumps Nomads 7's brand with Marlborough RFC with the support of Compeed.
From here, Compeed Marlborough Nomads Rugby 7s was born, with James Davies as our Director of Rugby and Compeed supporting all our teams with Women's Head Coach Oli Bishop and Dean Bradley Head Academy Coach along with a comprehensive support team offering their expertise from medical to performance analysis.

RUGBY 7s Teams:





To date we compete at the highest level of Rugby 7s in the U.K. on the Super Series and compete at all major competitions. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 the 2020 season was cancelled, but we had planned to enter all teams into 17 tournaments across the U.K, USA and Europe
As we look forward to the new season ahead we would welcome any new players from 16+ who would like to play 7s to get in touch. 


I would very much like to thank all parties involved to make the 7s happen: 
David Wright and Compeed - For their generosity support and backing to make CMN7s happen/
Jack Wight and CRX - Our new sponsor, making sure players are recovering as best as possible with world leading compression. 
Marlborough RFC To all players, parents, volunteers and community
Ben Thompson for his time and efforts in the kitchen to feed all our players on our training event 
Will Grant who is forever encouraging and hardworking to make sure training runs as smoothly as it can with the attendance of many new and local players
Mike Banfield for everything he has done from bookings, opening the club and managing all the CMN7s website content. Not to mention communication throughout MRFC and driving new players
David Pittams for everything he is doing behind the scenes to support the 7s.
Dean Bradley and Old Bishop for giving up their weekends to come and coach
Mike Crump for many phone calls and expertise along with added players from Nomads 7s, without his help this would not be happening. 
Leila Nairne for her support with photos and training reports
Alec Thomas and Rodney Adams for their interest in the 7s and support from The 1871 club.
Lyndon Stewart for all his help with admin, logistics and Performance Analysis
Emily Day, Torquil Tonks and Summer Clarke for their medical support
All players who have travelled miles and miles and a special big shout out to Molly Gardner for making a 12 hour round trip each time to make training (I think that is a team travel record).
(I am sure I have missed many many more and I am extremely grateful of all your help and support too).
I very much look forward to seeing you all soon. 
James Davies 
Director of  Rugby
You can see more about Compeed Marlborough Nomads 7s at: or by contacting Director of Rugby James Davies @
Social Media @cmn7s 

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