Following the Government’s latest announcement on COVID-19, restricting gatherings to groups of 6 or less, the RFU has confirmed that community rugby is exempt from this direction as an organised sport.  A copy of the RFU’s announcement is at the link: (RFU Update).  The Club will therefore continue its return to training as previously announced.  We believe parental attendance is an integral part of our organised sport as without it, our children cannot participate.  However, we remind all parents/guardians that they must comply with the direction we have already delivered with regards to social distancing and must ensure that that they are not in, or look like they are in a group larger than 6 when spectating.  To assist in this, the Club strongly encourages that only one parent/guardian accompanies their child(ren).  We look forward to welcoming you to the Club soon.

Further club Covid advice on our page here

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